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Oh, fuck me.
Last week a friend sent me a $15 gift certificate card to Starbucks as a thank you for something nice I did. :)

It sat on my desk for a week, taunting me with delicious Starbuxxy goodness.

Keep in mind I've given up coffee for over a month now as part of my weight loss plan. (Go me! even my husband couldn't believe I gave up coffee, it's so much a part of my regular routine.)

Well, I finally caved. I told myself I might as well use it up so at least it isn't there taunting me any more! So I drove to Starbucks.

I ordered my usual. Grande Peppermint Mocha, Sausage breakfast sandwich, and a slice of Lemon loaf for later.

Then I came home and entered my usual into my diet diary at

Grande peppermint mocha 290 calories
Sausage english muffin sandwich 500 calories
lemon loaf 490 calories

for a grand total of 1280 calories. That's JUST BREAKFAST. And back before I cut out coffee, this is what I would get maybe 3 times a WEEK on a good week. WTF. That's not even counting lunch or dinner when fast food was a regular occurance at our house! It is no wonder I've gotten to be such a fatass with how bad my diet has been.



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