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So I completely tanked the whole watching what I eat thing while in the hospital with a kid with a broken arm, and that led to the next few days at home totally blowing off logging my diet, having gotten out of the habit. Which I then used as an excuse to eat unhealthy and I'm pretty sure I gained the five pounds back that I lost. Sigh.

Started logging my diet again the other day, have to get back in the habit again. Also had the thought that it is time to start excersising seriously. I've been putting it off, but I realized that even if my diet isn't the best and I don't loose any weight to start, getting fit and toning my muscles will make me look thinner, because a large part of the reason why I still look pregnant is because my abs are so stretched out from having so many babies.

A large part of putting off the excersise program has been the feeling of needing support that I don't have. But then I realize I do have support! My daughter Amara keeps bugging me about when we're going to do my excersise program together. So I decided she can be my excersise buddy!

Last night we started our Day 1 of the 30 Day Shred. I have 5 lb weights and Amara used two 2lb cans of chili from the cupboard, lol. It totally kicked our butts and I had that noodle feeling in my arms and legs afterwards. I made it through all but the last 4 minutes of the routine with a little modifying, then the baby woke up and I had to go get him, but Amara finished the whole thing! She was a rock star!

After Day 1 I can say that I've learned a couple of things from the experience:

* It may seem silly to wear shoes in the house (I know it does to me) but I need to wear sneakers while working out. My ankles will thank me.

* Granny panties are underrated. It's totally counter productive to working out if I'm wearing hipster underwear that keep sliding down my ass as I'm jumping around.

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Shoes for sure! It'll help your knees etc. as well I believe.
It's not silly to wear shoes in the house if you have 3 dogs (and a husband who refuses to take his off). I've pretty much come to the conclusion that my carpets will never be clean. One day I'll have a nice house darn it.

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